[Python-Dev] Extracting python bytecode from a linux core dump?

CompuTinker mike_computinker at coffeebird.net
Wed Jun 7 15:47:20 EDT 2017

I hope this is the proper place for internals questions...

I have a core file (produced via the gcore command) of a linux python2.6 process.  I need to extract the byte code and de-compile it.

I looked at https://wiki.python.org/moin/DebuggingWithGdb and related pages.  
However, these all seem to require either a running process and/or a binary with debugging symbols.

I'm thinking that the compiled bytecode is likely in an array or contiguous set of memory within the python executable's image and that there's probably a way to pull it out with gdb.  Unsurprisingly, the pyc 0xd1f20d0a magic number isn't kept in memory. So, how do I find the memory holding the compiled byte-code ?

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