[Python-Dev] Buildbot report, june 2017

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 08:01:12 EDT 2017


With the help of Zachary Ware, we succeed to set up a mailing list
getting email notifications when a buildbot fails whereas it
previously succeeded (green/success or orange/warnings):

Please subscribe if you want to stay tuned.

I started to create bug reports for each buildbot failures on 2.7,
3.5, 3.6 and master (future 3.7) branches. I try to reply to buildbot
emails with a reference to the issue (I create a new issue if needed).
The good news is that these issues are being slowly fixed one by one!

In general, buildbots are now stable and at least able to catch the
obvious regressions.

Zachary Ware added two new "Refleaks" buildbot slaves, on Windows 8
and Gentoo, to catch reference leaks. We are fixing leaks. It seems
like some of them are recent. Previously, we add a server ran by
Antoine Pitrou, but Antoine didn't update its configuration for Git
(when CPython migrated from Mercurial). I like the idea of an
integrated "Refleaks" server in our buildbot farm.

Information on CPython buildbots:


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