[Python-Dev] RFC: Backport ssl.MemoryBIO and ssl.SSLObject to Python 2.7

Cory Benfield cory at lukasa.co.uk
Sat Jun 10 14:00:51 EDT 2017

> On 9 Jun 2017, at 20:54, Donald Stufft <donald at stufft.io> wrote:
> All that being said, if someone *does* want pip to use WinHTTP, requests provides a mechanism where you can plug in your own network handling code, so someone could write a requests-winhttp adapter that did that, and we could possibly even expose the ability to ask pip to use that. However that’s entirely in the domain of pip/requests feature requests and not really related to python-dev/this PEP itself.

As an FYI I played with this on Mac far enough to prove that it’d work: https://github.com/Lukasa/requests-darwin <https://github.com/Lukasa/requests-darwin>

It’s not anywhere near feature complete, but it basically works pretty ok. Of course, ideally Requests would just get entirely out of the way at this point because it duplicates a lot of NSURLSession’s logic, but it’s an approach that can work.


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