[Python-Dev] Inconsistency between PEP492, documentation and behaviour of "async with"

Damien George damien.p.george at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 00:38:37 EDT 2017

> > Can someone please clarify the exact behaviour of "async with"?
> "async with" is expected to behave essentially the same way that
> normal "with" does as far as return, break, and continue are concerned
> (i.e. calling __aexit__ without an exception set, so it's more like
> try/finally than it is try/else).
> Would you mind filing a documentation bug for that? We clearly missed
> that the semantics described in the new documentation didn't actually
> match the original with statement semantics (even though matching
> those semantics is the intended behaviour).

Ok, bug filed at: http://bugs.python.org/issue30707
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