[Python-Dev] New workflow change: Welcome to blurb

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Sat Jun 24 23:04:28 EDT 2017

On 25 June 2017 at 11:56, Terry Reedy <tjreedy at udel.edu> wrote:
> On 6/24/2017 7:48 PM, Brett Cannon wrote:
>> I should also mention that after Larry blows up Misc/NEWS into individual
>> files in about a week I will add a check to Bedevere for a news file unless
>> the PR is labeled as trivial.
> And what if there isn't?  There are sometimes good reasons to have multiple
> patches on an issue, whereas an issue usually gets only one news item.

All the PRs share an issue number in that case, so Bedevere should be
able to pick up that there's a pre-existing NEWS entry (even if it
isn't being added by that particular PR).


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