[Python-Dev] 3.6.1 release status and plans

Ned Deily nad at python.org
Tue Mar 7 20:59:06 EST 2017

An update on the 3.6.1 release:  As you probably noticed, 3.6.1 release candidate 1 was made available (finally!) two days ago.  Thank you for your patience as we worked though the details of producing a release using our new GitHub-based development workflow.  As we've noted, it's really important for all segments of the community to try using 3.6.1rc1 to help make sure something didn't break along the way.  Please report any potential problems via the bugs.python.org tracker and mark them as "release blocker". 

Because rc1 was delayed a week, I've moved the planned release date for 3.6.1 final back a week as well, now 2017-03-20.  That gives two weeks of exposure for rc1.  The plan is to, if at all possible, not ship any additional changes in the final beyond what is already in rc1 unless we discover any release-blocking critical problems in rc1.  The 3.6 branch remains open for new cherry-pick PRs etc but you should expect that any PRs that are merged into the 3.6 branch since the v3.6.1rc1 tag will first be released in 3.6.2, expected before the end of June (about 3 months).

Again, if something critical comes up that you feel needs to be in 3.6.1, you need to make sure the issue is marked as a "release blocker" and you should make sure I am aware of it.  If any such release blockers do arise, we will discuss them and decide whether they should go into 3.6.1 and whether a second release candidate is needed.

Thanks for your support!


  Ned Deily
  nad at python.org -- []

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