[Python-Dev] Partial support of a platform

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 12:41:30 EST 2017


I see more and more proposed changes to fix some parts of the code to
"partially" support a platform.

I remember that 5 years ago, the CPython code was "full" of #ifdef and
other conditional code to support various platforms, and I was happy
when we succeeded to remove support for all these old platforms like
OS/2, DOS or VMS.

The PEP 11 has a nice description to get a *full* support of a new platform:

But the question here is more about "partial" support.

While changes are usually short, I dislike applying them to Python 2.7
and/or Python 3.6, until a platform is fully support. I prefer to
first see a platform fully supported to see how much changes are
required and to make sure that we get someone involved to maintain the
code (handle new issues).

Example of platforms: MinGW, Cygwin, OpenBSD, NetBSD, xWorks RTOS, etc.

But the way, is there an exhaustive list of platforms "officially"
supported by CPython?


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