[Python-Dev] Partial support of a platform

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Mon Nov 6 17:07:56 EST 2017

On Mon, 6 Nov 2017 22:49:06 +0100
Victor Stinner <victor.stinner at gmail.com> wrote:
> CPython already contais 11 "#ifdef (...) __OpenBSD__" in C and 11
> sys.platform.startswith('openbsd') in Python. Supporting a "POSIX"
> platform requires some changes :-)

Yes... So, the question is: does OpenBSD already maintain a Python
port?  If so, then we should have them contribute their patches instead
of fixing issues ourselves.  If they don't want too, then we have no
obligation to maintain them.

OTOH, if you and Serhiy want to maintain them, you can do so.  But we
shouldn't promise anything for the future.  The reason that testing on
them is interesting, IMHO, is to chase potential Linux-isms in our code
base.  Circumventing {Free,Open,Net}BSD-specific deficiences is not.

To put things differently: if a commit breaks {Free,Open,Net}BSD but
leaves other platforms intact, I don't think it should be reverted.



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