[Python-Dev] Python possible vulnerabilities in concurrency

Stephen Michell Stephen.Michell at maurya.on.ca
Mon Nov 13 15:55:03 EST 2017

I am looking for one or two experts to discuss with me how Python concurrency features fit together, and possible vulnerabilities associated with that.

TR 24772 lists 5 vulnerabilities associated with 

1. activating threads, tasks or pico-threads
2. Directed termination of threads, tasks or pico-threads
3. Premature termination of threads, tasks or pico-threads
4. Concurrent access to data shared between threads, tasks or pico-threads,   and
5. Lock protocol errors for concurrent entities 

I need to document how these appear (or don’t appear) in Python. The writeups would possibly swamp this email reflector, so I am looking for a small number of people to review these sections of our language-independent document and discuss with me how these are handled in Python. 

I have a good background in these issues, but no relevant experience with Python. 

Please contact me at stephen.michell at maurya.on.ca <mailto:stephen.michell at maurya.on.ca> to respond directly.

Thank you

…stephen michell
ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 22/WG 23 Programming Language Vulnerabilities Working Group
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