[Python-Dev] unittest isolation and warnings

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Fri Nov 17 04:15:24 EST 2017

Hi guys,

when writing tests, I suddenly discovered that unittest
is not isolated to warnings.

One of my tests emits warnings when a certain condition is
met. Instead of reporting the error immediately, it uses
warnings, and at the end of the test, an error is produced
if there were warnings.

        if hasattr(__main__, "__warningregistry__"):
            raise RuntimeError("There are errors, see above.")

By chance, I discovered that an error was suddenly triggered without
a warning. That must mean the warning existed already from
another test as a left-over.

My question:
Is that known, and is that intended?
To what extent are the test cases isolated from each other?

I do admit that my usage of warnings is somewhat special.
But it is very convenient to report many errors on remote servers.

Cheers -- Chris

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