[Python-Dev] Script bootstrapping executables on Windows

Thomas Mansencal thomas.mansencal at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 23:08:47 EST 2017


This is a Windows specific question, to give a bit of context I'm working
in a studio where depending on the project we use different Python
interpreters installed in different locations, e.g. Python 2.7.13, Python
2.7.14, Python 3.6. We set PATH, PYTHONHOME and PYTHONPATH accordingly
depending the interpreter in use.

Our Python packages are living atomically on the network and are added to
the environment on a per project basis by extending PYTHONPATH. This is in
contrast to using a monolithic virtual environment built with virtualenv or
conda. Assuming it is compatible, a Python package might be used with any
of the 3 aforementioned interpreters, e.g. yapf (a code formatter).

Now, on Windows, if you for example *pip install yapf*, a yapf.exe
boostrapping executable and a yapf-script.py file are being generated. The
boostrapping executable seems to look for the yapf-script.py file and
launch it using the absolute hardcoded interpreter path of the
yapf-script.py shebang.

Given the above we run into issues if for example yapf was deployed using
Python 2.7.13 but the Python 2.7.14 interpreter is being used in the
environment instead. We get a "failed to create process." error in that

What we would like to do is not being tied to the absolute interpreter path
but have it defined with a variable or just use #!python. I have tried to
search for the above error in cpython source code and the installation
directory without luck. I would like to know what module/package is
responsible for generating the boostrapping executables to understand how
it works and see if we can doctor it for our usage.


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