[Python-Dev] Python initialization and embedded Python

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 18:19:32 EST 2017


We are close to the 3.7a3 release and the bug is not fixed yet. I
propose to revert the changes on memory allocators right now, and take
time to design a proper fix which will respect all constraints.


Today, someone came to me on IRC to complain that calling
Py_DecodeLocale() does now crash on Python 3.7. He is doing tests to
embed Python on Android. Later he asks me about
PyImport_AppendInittab(), but I don't know this function. He told me
that it does crash in PyMem_Realloc()... But PyImport_AppendInittab()
must be called before Py_Initialize()...

It confirms that Python is embedded and that the C API is used before

We don't know yet exactly how the the C API is used, which functions
are called before Py_Initialize(). Moreover, PEP 432 implementation is
still incomplete, and calling _PyRuntime_Initialize() is just not
possible, since it's a private API which is not exported...


2017-11-18 1:01 GMT+01:00 Victor Stinner <victor.stinner at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> The CPython internals evolved during Python 3.7 cycle. I would like to
> know if we broke the C API or not.
> Nick Coghlan and Eric Snow are working on cleaning up the Python
> initialization with the "on going" PEP 432:
> https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0432/
> Many global variables used by the "Python runtime" were move to a new
> single "_PyRuntime" variable (big structure made of sub-structures).
> See Include/internal/pystate.h.
> A side effect of moving variables from random files into header files
> is that it's not more possible to fully initialize _PyRuntime at
> "compilation time". For example, previously, it was possible to refer
> to local C function (functions declared with "static", so only visible
> in the current file). Now a new "initialization function" is required
> to must be called.
> In short, it means that using the "Python runtime" before it's
> initialized by _PyRuntime_Initialize() is now likely to crash. For
> example, calling PyMem_RawMalloc(), before calling
> _PyRuntime_Initialize(), now calls the function NULL: dereference a
> NULL pointer, and so immediately crash with a segmentation fault.
> I'm writing this email to ask if this change is an issue or not to
> embedded Python and the Python C API. Is it still possible to call
> "all" functions of the C API before calling Py_Initialize()?
> I was bitten by the bug while reworking the Py_Main() function to
> split it into subfunctions and cleanup the code to handle the command
> line arguments and environment variables. I fixed the issue in main()
> by calling _PyRuntime_Initialize() as soon as possible: it's now the
> first instruction of main() :-) (See Programs/python.c)
> To give a more concrete example: Py_DecodeLocale() is the recommanded
> function to decode bytes from the operating system, but this function
> calls PyMem_RawMalloc() which does crash before
> _PyRuntime_Initialize() is called. Is Py_DecodeLocale() used to
> initialize Python?
> For example, "void Py_SetProgramName(wchar_t *);" expects a text
> string, whereas main() gives argv as bytes. Calling
> Py_SetProgramName() from argv requires to decode bytes... So use
> Py_DecodeLocale()...
> Should we do something in Py_DecodeLocale()? Maybe crash if
> _PyRuntime_Initialize() wasn't called yet?
> Maybe, the minimum change is to expose _PyRuntime_Initialize() in the
> public C API?
> Victor

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