[Python-Dev] iso8601 parsing

Mike Miller python-dev at mgmiller.net
Tue Nov 28 14:51:14 EST 2017

This may have gotten bogged down again.  Could we get the output of 
datetime.isoformat() parsed at a minimum?  Perfection is not required.

Looks like there is a patch or two and test cases on the bug.


> Could anyone put this five year-old bug about parsing iso8601 format date-times 
> on the front burner?
>      http://bugs.python.org/issue15873
> In the comments there's a lot of hand-wringing about different variations that 
> bogged it down, but right now I only need it to handle the output of 
> datetime.isoformat():
>      >>> dt.isoformat()
>      '2017-10-20T08:20:08.986166+00:00'
> Perhaps if we could get that minimum first step in, it could be iterated on and 
> made more lenient in the future.

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