[Python-Dev] Investigating time for `import requests`

Glenn Linderman v+python at g.nevcal.com
Sun Oct 1 22:49:04 EDT 2017

On 10/1/2017 7:34 PM, Nathaniel Smith wrote:
>> Another major slowness comes from compiling regular expression.
>> I think we can increase cache size of `re.compile` and use ondemand cached
>> compiling (e.g. `re.match()`),
>> instead of "compile at import time" in many modules.
> In principle re.compile() itself could be made lazy -- return a
> regular exception object that just holds the string, and then compiles
> and caches it the first time it's used. Might be tricky to do in a
> backwards compatibility way if it moves detection of invalid regexes
> from compile time to use time, but it could be an opt-in flag.
Would be interesting to know how many of the in-module, compile time 
re.compile calls use dynamic values, versus string constants. Seems like 
string constant parameters to re.compile calls could be moved to 
on-first-use compiling without significant backwards incompatibility 
impact if there is an adequate test suite... and if there isn't an 
adequate test suite, should we care about the deferred detection?
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