[Python-Dev] Intention to accept PEP 552 soon (deterministic pyc files)

Guido van Rossum gvanrossum at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 11:15:04 EDT 2017

It's really not that hard. You just check the magic number and if it's the
new one, skip 4 words. No need to understand the internals of the header.

On Oct 3, 2017 08:06, "Barry Warsaw" <barry at python.org> wrote:

> Guido van Rossum wrote:
> > There have been no further comments. PEP 552 is now accepted.
> >
> > Congrats, Benjamin! Go ahead and send your implementation for
> review.Oops.
> > Let me try that again.
> While I'm very glad PEP 552 has been accepted, it occurs to me that it
> will now be more difficult to parse the various pyc file formats from
> Python.  E.g. I used to be able to just open the pyc in binary mode,
> read all the bytes, and then lop off the first 8 bytes to get to the
> code object.  With the addition of the source file size, I now have to
> (maybe, if I have to also read old-style pyc files) lop off the front 12
> bytes, but okay.
> With PEP 552, I have to do a lot more work to just get at the code
> object.  How many bytes at the front of the file do I need to skip past?
>  What about all the metadata at the front of the pyc, how do I interpret
> that if I want to get at it from Python code?
> Should the PEP 552 implementation add an API, probably to
> importlib.util, that would understand all current and future formats?
> Something like this perhaps?
> class PycFileSpec:
>     magic_number: bytes
>     timestamp: Optional[bytes] # maybe an int? datetime?
>     source_size: Optional[bytes]
>     bit_field: Optional[bytes]
>     code_object: bytes
> def parse_pyc(path: str) -> PycFileSpec:
> Cheers,
> -Barry
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