[Python-Dev] how/where is open() implemented ?

Jelle Zijlstra jelle.zijlstra at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 22:53:29 EDT 2017

2017-10-05 19:19 GMT-07:00 Yubin Ruan <ablacktshirt at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> I am looking for the implementation of open() in the src, but so far I
> am not able to do this.
> In Python 3, builtins.open is the same as io.open, which is implemented in
the _io_open function in Modules/_io/_iomodule.c.

> From my observation, the implementation of open() in python2/3 does
> not employ the open(2) system call. However without open(2) how can
> one possibly obtain a file descriptor?
There is a call to open() (the C function) in _io_FileIO___init___impl in
Modules/_io/fileio.c. I haven't traced through all the code, but I suspect
builtins.open ends up calling that.

> Yubin
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