[Python-Dev] PEP 564: Add new time functions with nanosecond resolution

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 12:28:14 EDT 2017

2017-10-16 18:14 GMT+02:00 Ben Hoyt <benhoyt at gmail.com>:
> Got it -- fair enough.
> We deploy so often where I work (a couple of times a week at least) that 104
> days seems like an eternity. But I can see where for a very stable file
> server or something you might well run it that long without deploying. Then
> again, why are you doing performance tuning on a "very stable server"?

I'm not sure of what you mean by "performance *tuning*". My idea in
the example is more to collect live performance metrics to make sure
that everything is fine on your "very stable server". Send these
metrics to your favorite time serie database like Gnocchi, Graphite,
Graphana or whatever.


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