[Python-Dev] Migrate python-dev to Mailman 3?

Antoine Pitrou antoine at python.org
Thu Oct 26 10:10:27 EDT 2017

Le 26/10/2017 à 16:01, Donald Stufft a écrit :
>> On Oct 26, 2017, at 6:19 AM, Antoine Pitrou <antoine at python.org
>> <mailto:antoine at python.org>> wrote:
>> The pipermail UI isn't perfect (the monthly segregation can be annoying
>> as you point out), but at least it has a synthetic and easy-to-navigate
>> tree view.
> Pipermail is *horrible* and it’s tree view makes things actively harder
> to read in large part because once the depth of the tree gets beyond
> like,, 3? or so, it just gives up trying to make it a tree and starts
> rendering all descendants past a certain point as siblings in a
> nonsensical order making it impossible to follow along on a discussion
> as everything ends up out of order.

You're right.  It shows that I'm used to pipermail's deficiencies, and
don't notice them as much as I used to do.

However, MM3 seems to be doing the exact same thing that pipermail does
when it comes to capping the tree view indentation to a certain limit.

If you scroll down the following page enough (or you can search for
example the sentence "I don't believe anyone outside of Firefox
enthusiasts and the package maintainer were even aware there was an
issue to discuss"), you'll see some replies displayed at the same
indentation level as the message they reply to:



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