[Python-Dev] PEP Post-History

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Oct 27 15:36:07 EDT 2017

We’ve made a small change to the PEP process which may affect readers of python-list and python-ideas, so I’d like to inform you of it.  This change was made to PEP 1 and PEP 12.

PEPs must have a Post-History header which records the dates at which the PEP is posted to mailing lists, in order to keep the general Python community in the loop as a PEP moves to final status.  Until now, PEPs in development were supposed to be posted at least to python-dev and optionally to python-list[1].  This guideline predated the creation of the python-ideas mailing list.

We’ve now changed this guideline so that Post-History will record the dates at which the PEP is posted to python-dev and optionally python-ideas.  python-list is dropped from this requirement.

python-dev is always the primary mailing list of record for Python development, and PEPs under development should be posted to python-dev as appropriate.  python-ideas is the list for discussion of more speculative changes to Python, and it’s often where more complex PEPs, and even proto-PEPs are first raised and their concepts are hashed out.  As such, it makes more sense to change the guideline to include python-ideas and/or python-dev.  In the effort to keep the forums of record to a manageable number, python-list is dropped.

If you have been watching for new PEPs to be posted to python-list, you are invited to follow either python-dev or python-ideas.

-Barry (on behalf of the Python development community)


Both python-dev and python-ideas are available via Gmane.

[1] PEPs may have a Discussions-To header which changes the list of forums where the PEP is discussed.  In that case, Post-History records the dates that the PEP is posted to those forums.  See PEP 1 for details.

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