[Python-Dev] Cherry picker bot deployed in CPython repo

Mariatta Wijaya mariatta.wijaya at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 21:10:48 EDT 2017


The cherry picker bot has just been deployed to CPython repo, codenamed

miss-islington made the very first backport PR for CPython and became a
first time GitHub contributor: https://github.com/python/cpython/pull/3369

GitHub repo: https://github.com/python/miss-islington

What is this?

As part of our workflow, quite often changes made on the master branch need
to be backported to the earlier versions. (for example: from master to 3.6
and 2.7)

Previously the backport has to be done manually by either a core developer
or the original PR author.

With the bot, the backport PR is created automatically after the PR has
been merged. A core developer will need to review the backport PR.

The issue was tracked in https://github.com/python/core-workflow/issues/8

How it works

1. If a PR needs to be backported to one of the maintenance branches, a
core developer should apply the "needs backport to X.Y" label. Do this
**before** you merge the PR.

2. Merge the PR

3. miss-islington will leave a comment on the PR, saying it is working on
backporting the PR.

4. If there's no merge conflict, the PR should be created momentarily.

5. Review the backport PR created by miss-islington and merge it when
you're ready.

Merge Conflicts / Problems?

In case of merge conflicts, or if a backport PR was not created within 2
minutes, it likely failed and you should do the backport manually.

Manual backport can be done using cherry_picker:

Older merged PRs not yet backported?

At the moment, those need to be backported manually.

Don't want PR to be backported by a bot?

My recommendation is to apply the "needs backport to X.Y" **after** the PR
has been merged. The label is still useful to remind ourselves that this PR
still needs backporting.

Who is Miss Islington?

I found out from Wikipedia that Miss Islington is the name of the witch in
Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

miss-islington has not signed the CLA!

A core dev can ignore the warning and merge the PR anyway.


Mariatta Wijaya
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