[Python-Dev] Does Cygwin still have broken slot initialization?

Stefan Krah stefan at bytereef.org
Wed Sep 20 14:01:56 EDT 2017


The docs have this rule for slot initialization for the benefit of Cygwin:



  -    PyType_GenericNew,         /* tp_new */
  +    noddy_NoddyType.tp_new = PyType_GenericNew;
  +    if (PyType_Ready(&noddy_NoddyType) < 0)
  +        return;

This is absolutely not required by C99 (and probably never was).

'PyType_GenericNew' is an address constant, and MSVC supports it just
fine -- at least since VS 2008.

Does anyone know if Cygwin still misbehaves? I would like to get rid
of this arcane rule.


Stefan Krah

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