[Python-Dev] building extensions as builtins is broken in 3.7

Pablo Galindo Salgado pablogsal at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 20:24:50 EDT 2018


I am working on the release blocker https://bugs.python.org/issue32232. I
tried to apply the patch proposed by Matthias Klose and I found that it
works on Unix but it fails to build on Windows (probably because circular
imports). I tried to add some tests but after some work on the problem and
some comments by Ned Deily I am starting to think that the test for this is
basically compiling the whole interpreter with static linking of the
built-ins and run the whole test suite. This has to be done as a new build
target on Travis. I did some experiments with this following:


But I run into multiple linking errors. The Travis build hangs forever and
then fails in the best case.

Here is an example of what I am talking:

In this PR you can see the patch and the static linking configured as per
above and the Travis output.

I am happy to work on this as long as someone can tell me what is the
appropriate course of action.

Thank you very much for your time!
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