[Python-Dev] Introducing python.zulipchat.com

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Fri Apr 20 17:52:11 EDT 2018

As an experiment we have gotten an instance of Zulip running for Python's
development at https://python.zulipchat.com (IOW this is for discussing the
development *of* Python only*)*. As Guido has put it you can view Zulip
like "hyper-interactive email" as we have streams corresponding to
equivalent mailing lists and all messages fall under a topic so
conversations are on-topic.

The instance is currently rather open at the suggestion of Zulip, so people
can create new streams, add bots, etc. There are already bots I have added
for commit notifications, Travis failures, and deployments of Bedevere and
The Knights Who Say Ni.

The invite message when you sign up mentions all this, the CoC, etc., so do
give it a read. Otherwise feel free to join and help us decide if this is
useful enough to make a permanent thing for Python's development!
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