[Python-Dev] Nickname Binding (PEP 572)

Jim J. Jewett jimjjewett at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 16:18:21 EDT 2018

I think part of the disconnect is that this enhancement could very
easily be abused, and it seems likely that it will be, because the
problems aren't visible while writing the code -- only when reading it

I therefore suggest making it very clear in the PEP -- and probably in
PEP 8 --  how these expressions should be limited.  Simply renaming
them to "nickname binding" would be start, but here is a rough draft
for wording.

When scanning code by eye, it is helpful that assignments are (almost)
always at the start of a line.  Even def and class statements can
cause confusion if the reader didn't realize that the name referred to
a class, rather than an instance.  Moving assignments to the middle of
a line will make it harder for someone else to read your code -- so
don't do that.

A nickname is just a regular name, except that it also suggests an
intimate environment.  If the name is purely for documentation, or
will be used only later in the same expression (or, possibly, the same
block or just after), then a nickname may be appropriate.  But

*  If you are wondering what to do about type hints, then the
expression is probably too complex to leave inline.  Separate it out
into a regular assignment statement; nicknames do not support type

*  If you will be saving the value -- even as an attribute on self --
there is a chance it will be retrieved in a very different context.
Use a regular assignment statement; nicknames are just simple names,
not attributes or keys.

*  If you will be using the value somewhere else in your code, use a
regular assignment statement.  This makes it easier to find, and warns
people that the value may be used again later.


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