[Python-Dev] AIX and python tests

Michael aixtools at felt.demon.nl
Sun Aug 5 16:59:59 EDT 2018

As I have time, I'll dig into these.

I have a couple of PR already 'out there', which I hope someone will be 
looking at when/as he/she/they have time. My time will also be intermittent.

My next test - and I hope not too difficult - would be the test_utf8. 
The test:

FAIL: test_cmd_line (test.test_utf8_mode.UTF8ModeTests) fails - and I am 
wondering if it is as simple as AIX default mode is ISO8559-1 and the 
test looks to be comparing UTF8 with the locale_default. If that is the 
case, obviously this test will never succeed - asis. Am I understanding 
the test properly. If yes, then I'll see what I can come up with for a 
patch to the test for AIX. If no, I'll need some hand holding to help me 
understand the test A bigger challenge, and I think a major issue with 
many of the test failures is test_ssl. Here I already know I'll need so 
assistance. I am quite lost. I know AIX at an expert level, but I do not 
know python (especially python internals, macros, etc..) and after about 
3 levels I am lost. I also find it hard to get 'artifacts' from the 
tests to know what is expected. Looking forward to assistance from 
various people - in understanding the tests, and probably better python 
coding criticism. Michael

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