[Python-Dev] Use of Cython

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Thu Aug 9 12:59:49 EDT 2018


this is getting a bit out of scope for this list. I propose to move further
questions about general Cython usage to he cython-users mailing list.

Matěj Cepl schrieb am 08.08.2018 um 12:44:
> On 2018-08-06, 15:13 GMT, Stefan Behnel wrote:
>> Not sure I understand this correctly, but I think we're on the 
>> same page here: writing test code in C is cumbersome, writing 
>> test code in a mix of C and Python across different files is 
>> aweful. And making it difficult to write or even just review 
>> test code simply means that people will either waste their 
>> precious contribution time on it, or try to get around it.
> I was thinking about the same when porting M2Crypto to py3k 
> (M2Crypto is currently swig-based mix of C-code and Python). Is 
> it even possible to make a mix of Cython, swig-based C, and 
> Python?

As long as you take the decision at a per-module basis, sure. If you want
to mix them inside of a single module, then it's either Cython+C or Swig+C,
not all three. But as Antoine suggested, unless you really want an
identical mapper for whole range of different languages, Swig is likely not
what you should use these days.

> In the end I rather stayed with plain C, because the 
> combination seems unimaginably awful.

Probably worth expanding your imagination. :)


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