[Python-Dev] Let's change to C API!

Armin Rigo armin.rigo at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 04:03:09 EDT 2018

Hi Antoine,

On 11 August 2018 at 15:19, Antoine Pitrou <solipsis at pitrou.net> wrote:
> Jython and IronPython never got significant manpower AFAIK, so even
> without being hindered by the C API, chances are they would never have
> gotten very far.  Both do not even seem to have stable releases
> implementing the Python 3 language...

I included IronPython and Jython because they are also rather complete
implementations of (some version of) Python that are actively used in
some contexts.  During the past 20 years, these two and PyPy are the
only generally-useful rather-complete alternate Python
implementations, and they each improve on some of the pain points (2)
(3) (4) hitting CPython.  Neither of them supports the C API
efficiently.  Whatever you argue, my opinion is that they got where
they are by first completely ignoring the C API.  Even Pyston did

About its C API, CPython can continue to prefer the status quo.  I
tend to think that it's exactly what will occur, so I'm staying away
from capi-sig.

A bientôt,


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