[Python-Dev] Python REPL doesn't work on Windows over remote powershell session (winrm)

ZHU Xiang xiang.zhu at outlook.com
Sat Aug 25 19:09:10 EDT 2018

Hello dears Python devs,

I'm taking the initiative of writing to you for a question on Python REPL over Windows remote powershell session (winrm).

As we’ve all known, Python REPL works well on local Linux, local Windows, and remote SSH session.

But for the remote Windows powershell session the REPL doesn’t work, when I type ‘’python” on the remote session, there’s nothing happened.

Steps to reproduce

# 1/ pre-install python on server1 (server 1 is a windows os)
# 2/ from a powershell console on server0, type below 2 commands:
enter-pssession server1

Expected behavior
# The python >>> prompt appears

Actual behavior
# Nothing, it is still the powershell prompt

The problem impacts all the python versions and all the windows versions.

This make me (and other windows guys) unable to use Python remotely, especially for the Windows Server Core version, which is a headless version (no GUI, so no remote desktop connection), the only way to connect to them is by the remote powershell session.

You can imagine the panic if Python REPL doesn’t work over SSH for Linux.

Could you please kindly have a look, and tell at least why it doesn’t work ? Thanks.

FYI, I’ve also opened a issue on Microsoft Powershell GitHub :


Xiang ZHU

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