[Python-Dev] Replacement proposal for PEP 557 Data Classes

Ramazan POLAT ramazanpolat at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 18:14:28 EST 2018

Hi, I have been working on a new way to use Python classes as enhanced dict
object(I called it Prodict).
My solution is (IMHO) more concise and brings more features.
So I wanted to make it a PEP until I saw PEP 557 Data Classes.
With my proposed enhancement, I can do everything Data Classes can do plus
some neat features.
Since 3.7b1 is out and already integrates data classes, how do I proceed?
Propose a replacement for PEP 557 or prepare a new PEP?

Although my approach doesn't use decorators, it can be easily done with
decorators as well.
You can check my solution here: https://github.com/ramazanpolat/prodict
Ramazan Polat
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