[Python-Dev] Why wont duplicate methods be flagged as error (syntax or anything suitable error)

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Sun Jan 14 03:10:33 EST 2018


Apparently when you implement two methods with the same name:

def sub(x, y):
     print(x -y)

def sub(x, y):
     print(x -y)

Even with type hints.

def sub(x: int, y:int) -> int:
    return x - y

def sub(x: float, y:float) -> float:
    return 8

If you are from another background, you will expect the syntax with type
hints to act as though method overloading but instead last implementation
is always called. If this is the required behavior,then just flag any
duplicate method implementations as syntax errors.

Is this sort of method name duplication important in any cases?

Not aimed at criticism, just to understand.

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