[Python-Dev] Deprecate PEP 370 Per user site-packages directory?

Christian Heimes christian at python.org
Sun Jan 14 08:42:53 EST 2018

On 2018-01-14 04:16, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> On Jan 13, 2018, at 12:06, Christian Heimes <christian at python.org> wrote:
>> These days a lot of packages are using setuptools' entry points to
>> create console scripts. Entry point have no option to create a console
>> script with -s or -I flag. On my system, only 40 out of 360 scripts in
>> /usr/bin have -s or -I.
> -I should be the default for system scripts; it’s not on Debian/Ubuntu though unfortunately.

Same for most Fedora scripts. :/


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