[Python-Dev] Failing tests [Was: Re: Python 3.7.0 is now available! (and so is 3.6.6)]

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Sun Jul 1 17:48:56 EDT 2018

On 2018-06-28, 00:58 GMT, Ned Deily wrote:
> On behalf of the Python development community and the Python 3.7 release
> team, we are pleased to announce the availability of Python 3.7.0.

I am working on updating openSUSE packages to python 3.7, but 
I have hit quite large number of failing tests (the testsuite 
obviously passed with 3.6), see
(click on the red "failed" label to get logs). I fell into 
a bout of depression, only to discover that we are not alone in 
this problem ... Debian doesn't seem to do much better 
https://is.gd/HKBU4j. Surprisingly, Fedora seems to pass the 
testsuite https://is.gd/E0KA53; interesting, I will have to 
investigate which of their many patches did the trick.

Anybody has any idea, what's going on, please? Did anybody on 
the python.org side run test suites on Linux?


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