[Python-Dev] PEP 579 and PEP 580: refactoring C functions and methods

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sat Jul 7 04:45:34 EDT 2018

INADA Naoki schrieb am 07.07.2018 um 10:08:
> Thank you.  Do you plan to make it default when PEP 580 is accepted
> and implemented?

It will become the default at some point, I'm sure. Note that we will still
have to support older Python versions, though, currently 2.6+, which would
not have the improvements available. Some things might be backportable for
us, at least to older Py3.x releases, but we'll see.

> Personally speaking, I used Cython for quick & easy alternative way to
> writing extension types.
> I don't need compatibility with pure Python functions.  I prefer
> minimum and lightweight.
> So I will disable it explicitly or stop using Cython.

I'll try to keep the directive available as a compatibility switch for you. ;)

> But if you believe PEP 580 makes many Cython users happy, I believe you.

It's more of a transitive thing, for the users of your code. If the
functions and methods in the code that I write behave like Python
functions, then people who use my code will not run into surprises and
quirks when trying to do their stuff with them and things will generally
"just work", e.g. inspecting the functions when debugging or using them
interactively, looking up their signature, default arguments and
annotations, generating documentation from them, pickling, assigning them
as methods ... basically anything that people implicitly expect to be able
to do with Python functions (or even callables in general) and that doesn't
(not well or not at all) work with PyCFunction.


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