[Python-Dev] Testing C API

Serhiy Storchaka storchaka at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 09:43:46 EDT 2018

29.07.18 15:39, Steve Dower пише:
> On 29Jul2018 1253, Serhiy Storchaka wrote:
>> The benefit is that it will be easier to run all C API tests at once, 
>> and only them, and it will be clearer what C API is covered by tests. 
>> The disadvantage is that you will need to run several files for 
>> testing marshal for example.
> Can we make the regular tests import and also run the related C API 
> tests? So that a normal run wouldn't normally include the entire C API 
> test directory, but would include test classes in the related Python 
> test modules? (Maybe there's a way to decorate the test classes for this?)

There are many ways of running tests:

     ./python -m test test_capi
     ./python -m test.test_capi
     ./python -m unittest test.test_capi
     ./python -m unittest discover Lib/test/test_capi/

They need different solutions for making them disabled by default. Seems 
that the simplest way is to move test_capi out of the test directory. 
But I think that in any case this will complicate testing code.

> I agree with the intent, but also think that's quite a disadvantage. It 
> would be good to avoid it.

Actually this disadvantage is not very large. There are not much C API 
tests for now. Testing unicode requires running not just test_unicode, 
but test_codecs, test_codeccallbacks, test_format, and yet few test. 
test_bytes itself is a mess, it needs significant rewriting. Marshal C 
API is outdated (it is based on FILE*), it is mostly unused in CPython. 
In any case Python tests should be enough for testing Python API.

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