[Python-Dev] Keeping an eye on Travis CI, AppVeyor and buildbots: revert on regression

Victor Stinner vstinner at redhat.com
Wed Jun 6 11:10:40 EDT 2018

2018-06-04 21:37 GMT+02:00 Ivan Pozdeev <vano at mail.mipt.ru>:
> https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/running-build-in-debug-mode/ is the official
> doc on how to debug a Travis CI build via ssh.

Did you already try it? The doc mentions a "[Debug]" button, but I
cannot see it whereas I'm logged in in the Python organization.

I also tried the curl API call but it fails with:

  "@type": "error",
  "error_type": "wrong_credentials",
  "error_message": "access denied"

curl -s -X POST \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H "Accept: application/json" \
  -H "Travis-API-Version: 3" \
  -H "Authorization: token XXXXX" \
  -d "{\"quiet\": true}" \

where XXXXX is my hidden token ;-)

If I use an invalid token ID, I get a different error: just the string
"access denied", instead of a JSON dictionary. First I was also
confused between travis-ci.com and travis-ci.org ... The documentation
shows an example with .com, but Python organization uses .org.


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