[Python-Dev] 2018 Python Language Summit coverage

Jake Edge jake at lwn.net
Wed Jun 6 17:56:53 EDT 2018

Hola python-dev,

I have been remiss in posting about my coverage from this year's Python
Language Summit -- not to mention remiss in getting it all written up.
But I am about half-way done with the sessions from this year.

I am posting SubscriberLinks for articles that are still behind the
paywall.  LWN subscribers can always see our content right away; one
week after they are published in a weekly edition, they become freely
available for everyone.  SubscriberLinks are a way around the paywall.
Please feel free to share the SubscriberLinks I am posting here.

The starting point is here: https://lwn.net/Articles/754152/  That is
an overview article with links to the articles.  It will be updated as
I add more articles.  Here is what we have so far:

- Subinterpreter support for Python https://lwn.net/Articles/754162/

- Modifying the Python object model https://lwn.net/Articles/754163/

- A Gilectomy update https://lwn.net/Articles/754577/

- Using GitHub Issues for Python https://lwn.net/Articles/754779/

- Shortening the Python release schedule

- Unplugging old batteries

Hopefully I captured things reasonably well -- if you have corrections
or clarifications (or just comments :) , I would recommend posting them
as comments on the article.

I will post an update soon with the next round (with luck, all of the
rest of them).



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