[Python-Dev] Python 2.7 -- bugfix or security before EOL?

Michael Scott Cuthbert cuthbert at mit.edu
Sat Mar 10 16:59:07 EST 2018

I notice on https://devguide.python.org that Python 3.5 is in “security” status with an EOL of 2020-09-13 but Python 2.7 is in “bugfix” and has a likely earlier EOL.  Will there be a period where Py2.7 is in security-only status before hitting EOL?  Even if the EOL is set at the last possible date of 2020-12-31, it still is in the time period before EOL that other recent versions have gone to security only.

(obviously recognizing that Py2.7 EOL is not just another EOL)

I tried searching in archives for anything related to this status, but couldn’t find anything.  apologies if I missed a discussion.

- Michael Cuthbert

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