[Python-Dev] ThreadedProcessPoolExecutor

Roberto Martínez robertomartinezp at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 14:09:28 EDT 2018

El mié., 21 mar. 2018 a las 16:23, Guido van Rossum (<guido at python.org>)

> Roberto,
> That looks like an interesting class. I presume you're intending to
> publish this as a pip package on PyPI.python.org?

I'm no lawyer, but I believe you can license your code under a new license
> (I recommend BSD) as long as you keep a copy and a mention of the PSF
> license in your distribution as well. (Though perhaps you could structure
> your code differently and inherit from the standard library modules rather
> than copying them?)

I am using inheritance as much as I can. But due to some functions being at
the module level, instead of being Executor methods (for the sake of being
pickelizable, I suppose); I am being forced to copy some of them just to
modify a couple of lines.

> In terms of the package namespace, do not put it in the same namespace as
> standard library code! It probably won't work and will cause world-wide
> pain and suffering for the users of your code. Invent your project name and
> use that as a top-level namespace, like everyone else. :-)
Ok, I don't want to cause world-wide pain (yet).

Thank you!

Best regards,

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