[Python-Dev] IMPORTANT - 3.7.0b3 cutoff / 3.7.0 ABI freeze

Ned Deily nad at python.org
Fri Mar 23 14:39:20 EDT 2018

Just a reminder that 3.7.0b3 is almost upon us. Please get your
feature fixes, bug fixes, and documentation updates in before
2018-03-26 ~23:59 Anywhere on Earth (UTC-12:00). That's a little over
3.5 days from now.

IMPORTANT: We are now entering the final phases of 3.7.0. After the
tagging for 3.7.0b3, the intention is that the ABI for 3.7.0 is
frozen. After next week's 3.7.0b3, there will only be two more
opportunities planned for changes prior to 3.7.0 final:

- 2018-04-30 3.7.0 beta 4
- 2018-05-31 3.7.0 release candidate

As I've noted in previous communications, we need to start locking
down 3.7.0 so that our downstream users, that is, third-party package
developers, Python distributors, and end users, can test their code
with confidence that the actual release of 3.7.0 will hold no
unpleasant surprises. So after 3.7.0b3, you should treat the 3.7
branch as if it is already released and in maintenance mode. That
means you should only push the kinds of changes that are appropriate
for a maintenance release: non-ABI-changing bug and feature fixes and
documentation updates. If you find a problem that requires an
ABI-altering or other significant user-facing change (for example,
something likely to introduce an incompatibility with existing users'
code or require rebuilding of user extension modules), please make
sure to set the b.p.o issue to "release blocker" priority and describe
there why you feel the change is necessary. If you are reviewing PRs
for 3.7 (and please do!), be on the lookout for and flag potential
incompatibilities (we've all made them).

Thanks again for all of your hard work towards making 3.7.0 yet
another great release!


  Ned Deily
  nad at python.org -- []

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