[Python-Dev] Use more Argument Clinic Annotations?

Dave Halter davidhalter88 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 08:36:17 EDT 2018

Hi Python Devs

I recently started testing Jedi with Python 3.7. Some tests broke. I
realized that one of the things that changed in 3.7 was the use of
argument clinic in methods like str.replace.

The issue is that the text signature doesn't contain a return annotation.

>>> str.replace.__text_signature__
'($self, old, new, count=-1, /)

In Python < 3.7 there was a `S.replace(old, new[, count]) -> str` at
the top of the __doc__. T

If the __text_signature__ was `'($self, old, new, count=-1, /) -> str`
a lot of tools would be able to have the information again.

Is this intentional or was this just forgotten? I'd like to note that
this information is insanely helpful (at least for Jedi) to pick up
type information. I really hope this information can make it back into
3.7, since it was there in earlier versions.

If you lack don't have time I might have some. Just give me some instructions.

~ Dave

PS: Don't get me wrong, I love argument clinic/inspect.signature and
am generally in favor of using it everywhere. It helps tools like
jedi, pycharm and others get accurate information about a builtin

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