[Python-Dev] macOS: minimum supported version?

Victor Stinner vstinner at redhat.com
Mon May 28 05:05:15 EDT 2018


Ned Deily closed old bugs reported on the macOS Tiger buildbot, since
this buildbot has been retired 3 months ago (the builders are still
visible online, but last builds were 3 months ago).

It seems like the oldest macOS buildbot is now macOS El Capitan (macOS
10.11, 2015). Does it mean that the minimum officially supported macOS
version is now macOS 10.11 El Capitain?

For me, to get an official "full" support, we need a buildbot. Without
buildbot, we can only provide a weaker "best-effort" support.
Otherwise, the risk of regression is too high.

I failed to find any official and obvious list of CPython supported
platforms, so I wrote my own list:

My first motivation for this list was to get a simple list of
supported Windows versions, because I'm unable to follow Windows
lifecycle (the PEP 11 has a vague statement about Windows which
requires to follow Windows end of life for each Windows release).


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