[Python-Dev] Withdraw PEP 546? Backport ssl.MemoryBIO and ssl.SSLObject to Python 2.7

Victor Stinner vstinner at redhat.com
Wed May 30 10:28:22 EDT 2018


tl; dr I will withdraw the PEP 546 in one week if noboy shows up to
finish the implementation.

Last year,I wrote the PEP 546 with Cory Benfield:
"Backport ssl.MemoryBIO and ssl.SSLObject to Python 2.7"

The plan was to get a Python 2.7 implementation of Cory's PEP 543:
"A Unified TLS API for Python"

Sadly, it seems like Cory is no longer available to work on the projec
(PEP 543 is still a draft)t.

The PEP 546 is implemented:

Well, I closed it, but you can still get it as a patch with:

But tests fail on Travis CI whereas I'm unable to reproduce the issue
on my laptop (on Fedora). The failure seems to depend on the version
of OpenSSL. Christian Heimes has a "multissl" tool which automates
tests on multiple OpenSSL versions, but I failed to find time to try
this tool.

Time flies and one year later, the PR of the PEP 546 is still not
merged, tests are still failing.

One month ago, when 2.7.15 has been released, Benjamin Peterson,
Python 2.7 release manager, simply proposed:
"The lack of movement for a year makes me wonder if PEP 546 should be
moved to Withdrawn status."

Since again, I failed to find time to look at the test_ssl failure, I
plan to withdraw the PEP next week if nobody shows up :-( Sorry Python

Does anyone would benefit of MemoryBIO in Python 2.7? Twisted,
asyncio, trio, urllib3, anyone else? If yes, who is volunteer to
finish the MemoryBIO backport (and maintain it)?


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