[Python-Dev] Experiment an opt-in new C API for Python? (leave current API unchanged)

Victor Stinner vstinner at redhat.com
Wed Nov 21 06:52:34 EST 2018

Le mer. 21 nov. 2018 à 12:11, Antoine Pitrou <solipsis at pitrou.net> a écrit :
> You mean the same API can compile to two different things depending on
> a configuration?

Yes, my current plan is to keep #include <Python.h> but have an opt-in
define to switch to the new C API.

> I expect it to be error-prone.  For example, let's suppose I want to
> compile in a given mode, but I also use Numpy's C API.  Will the
> compile mode "leak" to Numpy as well?

For example, if we continue to use Py_LIMITED_API: I don't think that
Numpy currently uses #ifdef Py_LIMITED_API, nor plans to do that.

If we add a new define (ex: my current proof-of-concept uses
Py_NEWCAPI), we can make sure that it's not already used by Numpy :-)

>  What if a third-party header
> includes "Python.h" before I do the "#define" that's necessary?

IMHO the define should be added by distutils directly, using -D
<the_define_name> in compiler flags.

I wouldn't suggest:

#define <the_define_name>
#include <Python.h>

But the two APIs should diverge, so your C extension should also use a
define to decide to use the old or the new API. So something will
break if you mess up in the compilation :-)


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