[Python-Dev] Communication channels

Victor Stinner vstinner at redhat.com
Mon Oct 1 16:37:59 EDT 2018

Le lun. 1 oct. 2018 à 22:32, Tres Seaver <tseaver at palladion.com> a écrit :
> I'm pretty strongly -1 on the notion that folks who subscribe python-dev,
> BPO, and the github repositories should need to *also* follow an
> arbitrarily-growing set of Twitter accounts:  how would one know if a new
> one popped into being?  How likely is it that everything a given Python
> developer tweets is relevant for the Python development community?

My intent is not to ask you to subscribe to everything. I just wanted
to list all communication channels and let you make your own choices.
In my case, I'm unable to follow Zulip chat. There are too many
communication channels for me :-)


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