[Python-Dev] dear core-devs

Michael Felt aixtools at felt.demon.nl
Thu Oct 4 04:29:19 EDT 2018

On 10/4/2018 9:55 AM, Petr Viktorin wrote:
> On 10/4/18 9:34 AM, Victor Stinner wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If IBM wants a better Python support, it would help a lot if IBM pays
>> for this development.
I agree. If IBM ...
>> ... Antoine Pitrou has been paid in the past to enhance Python
>> support in Solaris and it worked well.
FYI - as I now have access to the gccfarm, and in the spirit of more
generalized "posix" additions I looked for an HPUX and a Solais system
to build master on.

make test never finished (one test was still hanging after over 20
minutes, and I had to go. Of the 419, 17 or 18 had failed. Roughly where
AIX plus xlc was at last July without my PRs for tests.

So, while it worked - money stopped and Solaris is in no better
numerical shape (test wise) than AIX.
> Michael explicitly said this is a personal effort. IBM or other big
> money is not involved.
IBM is my employer. As I am not a developer (merely a systems and
management consultant) I do not face losing my job by working on OSS. I
have been called off certain OSS projects because IBM was providing
money and/or developers. This is one of the reasons (being called off
elsewhere) that I have been hesitant to be more involved than I was in

So, let me be explicit - I can only speak for myself. And as long as no
manager says "No, cannot work on that" I have given a commitment to work
on this. "Some things cannot be bought" - such as un-biased (I call it
"maverick" rather than merely independent.) On the one hand IBM policy
is to encourage independent thought. The core goal is to help customers
succeed. But individual managers up and down the line occasionally have
additional business needs, and then workers as myself apologize and take
a step back - in a word - adjust.

Short answer: my involvement is mine to give at no price. I am
considered one of the worlds AIX experts on matters of integration,
performance and security.

So, I have just simple questions for you? Do you value my expertise? May
I assist?

> Is paying the best way to get features into Python? Does becoming a
> core dev mean you can now get paid for approving changes? Some of the
> implications are quite disturbing :(

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