[Python-Dev] AIX to stable, what does that take?

Michael aixtools at felt.demon.nl
Fri Oct 5 16:27:20 EDT 2018

On 05/10/2018 22:01, Rob Boehne wrote:
> On 10/5/18, 10:33 AM, "Python-Dev on behalf of Michael Haubenwallner" <python-dev-bounces+robb=datalogics.com at python.org on behalf of michael.haubenwallner at ssi-schaefer.com> wrote:
>     >
>     >... I build everything myself, using xlc
>     >(gcc introduces the need for a GNU RTE, e.g., glibc).
>     Using gcc does *not* require to use glibc or even GNU binutils at all.
>     Except for gcc's own runtime libraries, there's no need for a GNU RTE.
>     In fact, in Gentoo Prefix I do use gcc as the compiler, configured to
>     use AIX provided binutils (as, ld, nm, ...), with AIX libc as RTE.
> I think the author was referring to the dependency on libgcc_s when using gcc.
> It's typical for native UNIX package builders to use gcc only when necessary because the correct runtime is always installed (if the os running it is newer) and therefore won't clash when something else in the process space is using a different version of libgcc_s (I'm not sure what the ABI guarantees are with libgcc_s specifically, and neither are UNIX packagers - not necessarily anyway)
Thank you Rob. My core mistake is calling it glibc (that is the gnome
libc not that I think back), and libgcc* are something else entirely.

In any case, I need to get my facts more accurate.
> It also eliminates the need to ship a version of libgcc_s as a shared library.
That would make life easier. Would probably have to package gcc on my
own to get it work that way though.

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