[Python-Dev] Use of objdump within ctypes _get_soname()

Ray Donnelly mingw.android at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 02:58:53 EDT 2018


We ran into an issue on the Anaconda Distribution recently where we
added libarchive-c to conda-build (so we can un-compress more source
archive formats than tarfile supports) and everything was good a few
hours, until it hit various CI systems where objdump is not installed.

I was a bit surprised by this dependency and wondered if there'd be
interest in a fallback path that inspects the elf with some fairly
simple python code to determine the soname instead? I have code that
works already - though it could do with and a tidy up - and has been
tested on a variety of architectures. Would CPython be interested in
an attempt to upstream this?

Is it documented anywhere that objdump is needed to load some
extension modules on Linux?

Best regards,

Ray Donnelly,
Anaconda Inc,

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