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Ned Deily nad at python.org
Mon Oct 29 12:34:36 EDT 2018

On Oct 29, 2018, at 07:04, Kenneth Reitz <me at kennethreitz.org> wrote:
> I’d like to become a core contributor to Python, by contributing polish to its documentation (adding missing pieces, modernize it a bit in spots, add more usage examples (itertools), etc).
> Is anyone already working on this, and if so, can I join forces with you?

Thanks for the offer, Kenneth, there's certain lots that could be done!  As you may know, Georg Brandl has been the Release Team documentation expert for many years, including providing Sphinx and the migration to it.  More recently, Georg has had to cut back drastically on his Python time and has given up the role.  Julian Palard has been assuming the doc expert role; he has been spearheading the overall documentation translation projects and for some time has been the go-to person for the on-line documentation system (docs.python.org).

As Brian already noted, the Docs Sig is the place for docs related work.  I would suggest you contact Julian and the Docs Sig.  They can also perhaps help with some of the history of the docs and some of the issues involved in changing them.  And, if you haven't seen it already, the Python Developer's Guide contains a lot of information about helping with the documentation and becoming a core contributor.


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