[Python-Dev] make patchcheck and git path

Michael aixtools at felt.demon.nl
Sat Sep 1 13:55:42 EDT 2018

On 28/08/2018 09:57, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Michael Felt (aixtools) writes:
>  > When building out of tree there is no .git reference. If I
>  > understand the process it uses git to see what files have changed,
>  > and does further processing on those.
> Just guessing based on generic git knowledge here:
> If you build in a sibling directory of the .git directory, git should
> "see" the GITDIR, and it should work.  Where is your build directory
> relative to the GITDIR?
I work in "parallel"

I suppose I should try setting GITDIR - but, I think it would be better,
at least nicer, if "patchcheck" as a target did some checking for git
early on, rather than bail out at the end. The results of the check
might be just a message to set GITDIR, e.g..
> I suspect you could also set GITDIR=/path/to/python/source/.git in
> make's process environment, and do "make patchcheck" outside of the
> Python source tree successfully.
I'll give this a try next time around. (vacation, so not really 'active'

Thanks for the suggestions.
> Regards,

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