[Python-Dev] Why does the Contributor Agreement need my address?

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 23:46:54 EDT 2018

[Joseph C. Sible <josephcsible at gmail.com>
> I'm used to signing CLA's that require nothing beyond a name and a check
> box. When I went to sign the PSF Contributor Agreement so I can submit
> a PR for CPython, I was surprised to see that it wants my address. Why
> does the Python Software Foundation need this, especially when nobody
> else does?

So that our marketing partners can deliver exciting consumer shopping
opportunities directly to your front door ;-)

Seriously, "nobody else does" shows you haven't looked much.  For
example, the first two I just looked at also require a mailing

Apache CLA

Android CLA

So I'll guess that projects big enough to hire actual lawyers require
an address.  As to why they want an address, you'll have to ask a
lawyer!  There aren't any on this list.  So, if you really want to
pursue this, I suggest you direct the question instead to the Python
Software Foundation, which deals with the project's legalities:

    psf at python.org

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